ABOUT peter


From growing up on a farm in rural Indiana to working with some of the best chefs from New York to California, Chef Peter Glander's culinary journey has taken him all over the country, but his passion for the art of food was cultivated here in the mountains of East Tennessee. His cuisine is inspired by regional food culture and the bounty harvested each season. From summer tomatoes to deliciously unique wine offerings, a dinner created by Chef Glander will provide a memorable experience for anyone who simply enjoys to gather and celebrate the products our beautiful region is blessed to offer.  

Peter’s 6-course Trust Fall menu was a celebration of summer in America offering exhilarating twists on emblematic regional fare.  The wide array of daring summer cuisine played perfectly against a quintessential East Tennessee backdrop of farmland, forest, and mountains leaving all in attendance with magical memories they will not soon forget.




Now, about that rendezvous point… 

What secrets remain – oh, the suspense!

Your clandestine affair is set to commence.

Finding tonight’s special spot entails cunning and wit.

It’s not for the timid. Are you ready to quit?

Surely not, I must say – you’re up to the task.

Solve three riddles below to lower our mask:


        Meet at a Farragut park that is so very green

Where the sun grows the plants and powers the scene.

Once you’ve arrived, look sharp for a chap

With a face of fire and a handsome flat cap.

There’s one final thing… a password to dine:

A speakeasy title of the porcine kind.


Ask Jeeves, Bing, or Google to answer the call,

But solve them you must, if you want to Trust Fall.