A blast from the past, returned from the dead

We’re rested and ready to serve a great spread

During our winter’s nap, there was LONG introspection

We now favor in-person vs. internet connection

We’ve played it too safe, or so we have feared

So buckle your seat belt, it’s about to get weird


By solving our riddles, tickets can be procured

just meet at a spot and say our passwords

does it all sound too daunting? No need to despair

It’s worth all the effort to attend this affair

Here’s how you’ll find the place where we’re waiting

From English to Italiana, there’ll be some translating

We’ll see you later, we’re sure that you’re comin’

You’re getting warmer by the heat from our oven

White tiles gleam as the wood fire’s blazing

Ashe to the north; Under I-40, we’re gazing


Now for passwords, this part you can’t miss

We’ll help all we can, but you must keep your wits

Working for the Weekend and now we have done it

We’re chilling out and Lovin’ Every Minute of It

A romance is grand, some say McDreamy

But they Can’t Buy Me Love without being unseemly

There was one certain movie from decades ago

With a location so similar, it seemed apropos

Women would call for the chance just to meet ya

“Companionship” bought for the price of a pizza

Tell the host your order for that unusual pie

and tickets are yours, of relief you can sigh


The game is afoot, the time to start is right now

Make haste while you can, any way you know how

You’ll know tickets are gone when our sign’s on the glass

We wish we had more, but space is limited--Alas!


Tickets to this event will be $90, each. Thanks for playing.

Disclaimer: Participation in any Trust Fall event is at your own risk. Trust Fall Knox does not provide liability insurance for the protection of the individuals who participate in our dining experiences. By attending the event, individuals release and forever discharge Trust Fall Knox and its founders from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, and demands for, upon, or by reason of any damage, illness, loss, or injury, which hereafter may be sustained by participating in the Trust Fall Knox event.